A downloadable game for macOS

The theme is "Study Abroad" and the game is """"Fun"""""

SAWTSOA1OB is an indie non controllable rails platformer ala the wake of xbox live arcade classics like Impossible Game but without the gimmicky music. For instance  SAWTSOA1OB simulates the concept of studying abroad and puts travel at the fingertips of anyone with 12 megabytes of rams . The player will have to learn to traverse the plains of Machu Picchu, solve the jumping puzzle laid millennia ago by ancient pharaohs. You will embody the spirit of adventure (which is red) to survey the land in order to make sure its safe for all the college juniors looking to “broaden their horizons” by their trip. In order to do that the red spirit will need to die repeatedly in what will be surely a valiant effort to a score a paycheck from concerned parents.


Cartoon Airplane by Viz Games

Wood texture by Yuji Nagata

Cobblestone texture by

George Panayiotou

Sandstone texture by George Panayiotou

Japanese food texture by: Sev_4

All images courtesy of Unsplash.com


My Game?.app.zip 21 MB
final.zip 17 MB